Madison Bike Week Host Info

Best Practices/FAQ

  • Your event must follow all applicable public health rules and regulations. You are responsible for knowing what rules apply and following them.
  • If/when you create an event on social media – please make us a co-host of your event.
  • We encourage making your event family-friendly options. Think about ways to get kids involved and excited.
  • Plan for the appropriate amount of traffic and keep everyone safe
    • If you’re setting up near a bike path, treat the path like a road and keep it clear at all times.
    • Offer bike parking at your station or event, for example with temporary racks
  • If you host an event that include food or beverages, follow all applicable food safety rules.
  • Suggested hours for commuter stations?
    • The highest traffic times along the Madison commuter path routes are 6-10am and 3-7pm.
    • Not everybody rides during those hours, though, and we encourage events at all times!
  • Keep us updated with any changes to your events! Email us at