New High Point Road Bridge: Better for people on bikes

A few weeks ago I saw in the paper that the new bridge across the Beltline on High Point Road had re-opened after seven months of construction. This Sunday I happened to be in the area anyway and checked it out. The old bridge was not particularly nice for people on bikes. While it had an on-street unprotected bike lane, both bike and general lanes were narrow, with heavy and fast car traffic. The new bridge has been widened to carry two general travel lanes in both directions, on-street bike lanes on both sides, a sidewalk on the east side, and a nice, wide two-lane protected multi-use path on the west side. 

Approaching the bridge from the south. Smooth pavement and a widened bike lane.

Two-way protected multi-use path on the west side of the bridge

The path will eventually connect to the West Towne Path parallel to the Beltline. A little connection stub is already in place, but for now dead-ends just past the bridge. It'll still be a couple years before this segment of the West Towne Path will be built, but once it is in place, it will be an important connection in that part of town.

Trail ends just under the bridge for now


PS Don't forget: On Tuesday Madison Bikes will have its Annual Party and Fundraiser. See you at the High Noon Saloon!

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