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Icy Trails, Warm Hearts: Mineral Point Rd action alert
Bike riders in Madison are urged to report icy trails via “Report a Problem” tool to ensure safety. Meanwhile, Metro hits over 1 million rides in October. Plus, concerns rise over the potential dangers of the narrowed Mineral Point path.
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Slide from the presentation, showing a preliminary rendering of what S Park St could look like
North-South BRT and Bikes: A summary of our community meeting

In late November we hosted a community meeting about the planned North-South bus rapid transit (BRT) route and how it relates to biking. Staff from Metro and the city gave a presentation, followed by an extended Q&A and comments from attendees. If you couldn’t make the meeting, you’re in luck….

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Bikes and the North/South BRT Focus Group

Snowy cycling from years past (Cyclists of Madison) *mumbling to myself* Argh, I don’t know. Studs? Too soon? Yes, too soon. Don’t overreact. *deep breath* Just try to get past the next few days and we should be good again for a bit. This week On Monday at 6 PM,…

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Our Mission

Madison Bikes is a local non-profit advocacy group who envisions a city where anyone can ride a bicycle conveniently and comfortably year round.