Madison Bikes Committees

In addition to our Board of Directors, we have several committees to make us an effective organization. Committees are a great opportunity to get involved with Madison Bikes. We announce meetings on our Community Bike Calendar, or you can reach out to our volunteer coordinator or the chairs of committees if you have questions. 


The Madison Bikes Events Committee works to host events or have a presence at local events with the goal of promoting safe and comfortable biking for all. Through a range of fun events, the events committee strives to bring novice and experienced bikers alike opportunities that build community, facilitate new biking experiences, and encourages more biking. Main events held throughout the year include:

  • Madison Bikes Annual Party - a celebration of biking in Madison and the year’s worth of efforts in bike advocacy by Madison Bikes and the broader community.
  • Winter Bike Fashion Show - a light-hearted social event celebrating and encouraging winter biking.
  • Winter Bike Challenge - a challenge for all community members to get out and ride on even the most brutal days of winter in Wisconsin. Held usually in early February, this week-long challenge is coordinated with other Madison community organizations and events such as The Clean Lakes Alliance and their Frozen Assets festival.
  • Madison Bikes Week - a challenge for all community members to dust off their bikes and get out and ride.  Madison Bikes Events Committee has hosted a commuter table as a part of this week-long event organized by Wisconsin Bike Fed.
  • Ride the Drive - a community event where bikers get free range of selected streets in Madison.  Riders enjoy a stress-free riding experience and catch a glimpse of life in Madison where bikes and pedestrians rule the road.  This is a great opportunity for Madison Bikes to promote the benefits of stress-free safe transportation for all.  Madison Bikes has hosted a table at this event with information about bike advocacy.
  • Bike to Work Day -  Every day should be bike to work day!  To help encourage less frequent riders and to help everyone remember the joy in riding, Madison Bikes promotes this event and helps coordinate and host numerous commuter stations.
  • Bike Bingo - A fall biking challenge lasting a month and a half.  This bike bingo game is a celebration of biking in Madison with the goal of encouraging riders to try riding to new locations and perhaps to keep riding later into the fall. Coordinated with Bicycle Benefits, riders visit various bicycle benefit locations throughout the greater Madison Area to redeem prizes for playing.

Elly, India, and Pepe are co-chairing the Events Committee. The committee usually meets on the third Monday of the month.


The Advocacy Committee works to keep tabs on issues relevant to biking in the City of Madison and to influence the outcomes to support all ages and abilities biking. One priority is to identify gaps and deficiencies in the current all ages, all abilities network and to close those gaps. We also work to share key information with the biking community to support and inspire advocacy and involvement, for instance by maintaining a comprehensive Community Bike Calendar and publishing a weekly summary of important meetings and events. We work to raise the importance of transportation and biking in Madison as a key policy issue with elected officials.

Jim Wilson and Harald are co-chairing the Advocacy Committee. The committee usually meets on the third Wednesday of the month.


The Madison Bikes Communications Committee works on communicating and building relationships with others. We are the first line of communications when other person, groups, local businesses, or journalists approach us, and we push out news about bike-related issues in Madison through our blog, newsletter, Facebook, and press releases. The Committee also shapes the public presence that Madison Bikes has by communicating who we are, what we do—and what we aren’t. We author and curate content and make sure it is in line with our identity, mission, and branding as a group. A close relationship with the Events and Advocacy Committees is necessary for our group to achieve our goals. Heather, who is also the Madison Bikes volunteer coordinator, chairs the Communications Committee. If you’re interested in joining or want to learn more, fill out the volunteer form or contact Heather. The committee usually meets on the first Tuesday of the month.


The Executive Committee focuses on the structure of Madison Bikes, making sure we have a high-functioning board of directors and that we maintain our 501(c)3 status. We also set the agenda for our monthly board meetings and ensure our committee structure is working effectively.


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