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Event Information

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This is an interactive map of approved locations for Madison Bike Week 2023. These locations have been vetted and already have city permits (or do not need permits). The following document may help with specific set-up locations for bike stations: If you plan on using a location not on the list, choose “other” on the form and let us know so we can add it to the map. Note: if on city or private property, you are responsible for obtaining any necessary permits. Light green locations currently do not have any events scheduled; dark green locations have events scheduled but still have available slots; red locations are no longer available

Last update: 2023-03-25 17:13:13

Please list and describe your location if not on the list above. Include the full address and if you know the exact GPS coordinates, feel free to include them as well. Alternatively, if you have a map with the exact location, include a link to that map here. Note: if this is a public location, you are responsible for acquiring necessary permission and/or permits (if applicable).
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Wrapping Up

Have you hosted an event for Madison Bike Week in the past?
Note: if you are interested in requesting a Madison Bikes small grant for your event, please fill out the following form: Note: Grant requests for Bike Week events must be made by May 19th.