Madison Bike Week is from June 1 through June 8, 2024!

Winter Bike Scavenger Hunt 2018

Sunday Feb 2 – Friday Feb 9, 2018

Logic and a lack of traction may be two reasons why you wouldn’t ride in the winter, but we’re here to give you 42 reasons why you should!  There’s too much to see in this town to spend the winter hibernating. This February 2nd–9th we bring you the Madison Winter Bike Scavenger Hunt. Whether you’re a new rider, veteran commuter, or summer cruiser, we challenge you to spend time on your bike, taking pictures of as many items on our challenge list as your heart desires and legs deliver.

How to play:

Challenge List

Photo Title

Take a Photo of Your Bike and…

Forward Wisconsin The Capitol building in the background
Winter Bike Lights Your bike decked out with any and every kind of light
Layers, Layers, Layers! Your winter clothing layers
Friends with Frosty A snowman
Polar Tropics Art sculptures on Lake Monona
Frozen Face Ice beard, ice eyelashes, ice mask, ice anything on your face
Pioneering Your bike tracks as the first tracks on any path/road
Lions, Tigers, & Bears, Oh, My! Zoo sign
Queen of the Mountain The top of any hill
Out of This World! Planet signs along a certain path
Artsy Fartsy

Public artwork

If you have nothing nice to say…. The Governor’s Mansion
Rest for the Weary A park bench
Gone Fishin’ Someone ice fishing (with their permission)
Mighty Ducks Someone ice skating / playing hockey (with their permission)
Enjoying Nature A Cherokee Marsh sign
Bright Lights, Big City The lighted Orpheum sign
Good Timing! Someone plowing the bike path
Forging New Friendships A stranger cyclist
The Bike of the Rising Sun The sunrise
Until Tomorrow The sunset
Welcome To…. A neighborhood sign
Winter Critters Any creature you can capture with your camera
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Multimode transport (bikes on car rack, bus rack)
Report-a-Success A street/path that you love and why (forward this to the City)
Report-a-Problem A street/path that needs improvement and why (forward this to the City)
Finder’s Keepers An abandoned bike
Bridges of Dane County Your favorite bridge
The LBS A local bike shop
Trail This Your bike on a local MTB trail
The Burbs City limits sign of a neighboring community
Round-and-round The roundabout where Cannonball, Southwest, and Cap City Trail intersect
Fix it! An outdoor bike repair station
February is a short(s) month Someone riding a bike in shorts
Photo Title Take a Photo While Doing This Activity On/With Your Bike
We Are All Mechanics Working on Your bike
Sisyphean Task Carrying bike up North Prospect Ave
Paying it Forward Delivering handmade/homemade items by bike
Shop Til You Drop Getting groceries on your bike
Family Photo Your entire family riding bikes
Choose-Your-Own Adventure Doing something creative and winter-related on your bike

Ride safely and enjoy the hunt!