Madison Bike Week Host Info

Madison Bike Week is made possible by the generous contributions of participating local businesses. This page contains information information about how to sign up to hosting a bike week event or deal/discount and other frequently asked questions. Please email is you have any additional questions.

Event or Discount Registration

Event registration is now closed, Please email is you have any additional questions or need to make changes in the schedule to the event(s) that you are hosting.

Best Practices/FAQ

  • Your event must follow all orders and guidance issued by Public Health Madison and Dane County:
  • Virtual events are encouraged this year.
  • Family-friendly options are also encouraged! Think about ways to get kids involved and excited.
  • Plan for the appropriate amount of traffic and keep everyone safe (see above regarding COVID guidance).
    • If you’re setting up near a bike path, treat the path like a road and keep it clear at all times.
    • Offer bike parking at your station or event, for example with temporary racks
  • We are not recommending any events that include food or beverages.
  • Suggested hours for commuter stations?
    • The highest traffic times along the Madison commuter path routes are 6-10am and 3-7pm.
  • Keep us updated with any changes to your events! Email us at