Baker’s Almost-Dozen Ride

Long Ride (18 miles)

Not quite a baker’s dozen, but this ride packs 12 bake stops into 18 miles. Start at Greenbush Bakery on Regent, just off the SW Path. Continue on the path to the Harrison St off-ramp and bike up to Bloom Bakehouse on Monroe St for gluten free and vegan baked goods. Follow Drake St past the zoo to Drake Street Bakes, where you can get pure sourdough breads. The next two stops are on Park Street (but no worries: you won’t have to ride on Park St itself): Asian Sweet Bakery at the corner of Lakeside and Lane’s Bakery at Villager Mall. Now it’s time to head to east side via the Wingra Creek Path and Cap City Trail. One you get to Lakeview Bakery and Deli on E Wilson, the bakery density increases. Madison Sourdough is just a couple blocks away, as is Origin Breads, and then it’s not far to Batch Bakehouse. Turn onto the Starkweather Creek Path, take the overpass across E Wash, and you’re almost at People’s Bakery. Choose between donuts or baklava or …? Return to the path and turn left after the overpass across Highway 30. Follow Aberg all the way to Sherman, where Yummee Treats and Bakery is located in the Northgate Mall. Head towards downtown again and end your ride with another donut at Greenbush.

Short Ride (~10 miles)

To shorten the above ride, split into north loop and south loops, each approximately 10 miles.