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Madison Bikes — now also in your inbox!

For some of you this is just normal blog post, some may not have heard from us in a while, and others may be seeing something from us for the first time ever (Welcome!).

So, what changed? What is going on?

It’s easy. Madison Bikes is rolling out a new email system. Instead of having to manually check our blog or rely on social media to get updates, you can now also receive updates by email to make sure you never miss a thing, while giving you the power to choose how often you get emails from us.

If you’re seeing this on our blog but didn’t get an email, you can sign up here.

If you’re seeing this in your inbox: By default, emails will be sent to you every time we post on our blog, which is usually once or twice a week (and definitely not more than once a day). If that seems like too many emails for you, you can just update your preferences to receive emails weekly or monthly.

To make the change, scroll to the bottom of any email from us, and choose “update your preferences”. This will take you to a second page, where you will see your current setup, and make any changes you would like.

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As you can see on the second page, you have 3 options to choose the email frequency that best suits your needs. When finished making those changes, click “Update Profile”, and you are all set.

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We hope you enjoy our new system, and look forward to staying more in touch with you all in the future!