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Be a Model for the Winter Bike Fashion Show!

Photo credit: Dan Stout

UPDATE: Application deadline has been extended to 10/7

We’re looking for Madison Bikers of all ages to share their expertise in dressing for winter weather! Madison Bikes is excited to host the 2019 edition of the Winter Bike Fashion Show on November 2nd from 1-4 pm at the High Noon Saloon. As a volunteer model, you’ll come dressed in your own gear, walk the catwalk, and share some of your personal tips for winter riding to encourage others to ride more this season.

Photo credit: Rob Streiffer

You don’t have to be a year-round cyclist to apply, it’s cool if you’re new to riding in the cold, and no modeling experience is required. Are you a summer cyclist who’s found a good way to extend your commute into the late fall with a few extra layers? Do you have a teenager who manages to get around town by bike with very little specialized gear? Are you a parent who has figured out how to keep your kids warm for weekend adventures on the bike path? We want to showcase winter biking and winter bikers in all their many forms!

Photo credit: Dan Stout

Application deadline: Monday Sept 30th.

We’re looking for:

  • year round bikers to show off their biking clothes and bike gear
  • Shoulder season (late fall or early spring) riders to show off their biking clothes and bike gear
  • Adults and kids (both kids who ride their own bikes, and kids who are transported by bike)
  • Gear for winter biking and demo bikes- how do you adapt your bike for winter riding?
  • We love DIY solutions that make it easy and inexpensive to giving winter biking a try!
  • We strongly encourage people of color, women, and LGBTQ+ winter riders to apply!

To apply, please complete the following questions and submit to Nicole at by Monday Oct 7.

  1. When/where/why do you bike in the winter?
  2. What do you wear on a typical winter ride?
  3. What’s one change you’ve made to your clothing and/or biking setup that’s made it more comfortable to ride when it gets cold?
  4. Do you have a winter biking story that may motivate others to ride in winter?
  5. What is your favorite thing about riding in winter?
  6. Optional: Attach a photo of you in your biking clothes and/or you with your bike that we can in promotions for the Winter Bike Fashion Show

Photo credit: Rob Streiffer