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Weekly Update: Bcycle returns, St. Patrick’s Day

This edition of our weekly update is brought to you from an airport in Germany. I’ve been visiting my parents for a week and am now back on the way to Madison. Stay tuned for a post about biking in Germany. Until then, here are the latest bike-related events for the week.

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Lots of bikes in Freiburg, Madison’s sister city in southwest Germany

On Monday, the Madison Bikes Events Committee is going to lay out the schedule for our organization’s events for the year. If you’re interested in being involved, please come to Barriques on W Wash at 6pm or email our volunteer coordinator Heather.

I’ve been told that spring hasn’t fully arrived in Madison yet, but that does not deter BCycle from starting the 2018 bike share season on Thursday. Welcome back!

On Saturday, you can join Madison Bikes board member Baltazar for the regular Tour of the Latino Family/Tour de la Familia Latina. This month’s theme is St. Patrick’s Day/Dia de San Patricio. Meet at Olin Park at 1pm

For details on any of these events, head to the Madison Bikes calendar. If you have an event that you’d like added, send the details to