Weekly Update

Bikes Meet Up, Military Ridge Trail Input, Hawthorne Truax Neighborhood Plan Input

Cyclists enjoining one of the many multi-use paths in Madison. #CyclistsofMadison

Monday – Madison Bikes Meet Up

Brittingham Park Shelter @ 6pm. Come join us to chat about all things bikes! This is an informal social event, all are welcome to join. We look forward to talking with you about bicycling, advocacy, repair and pedestrian safety, and more. Light food and refreshments will be provided and you are welcome to bring your own.

Wednesday – Military Ridge Trail Input

The Madison Metropolitan Sewer District (MMSD) is planning a sanitary waste facility upgrade near Verona which could temporarily close the Military Ridge Trail during construction. On a positive note, one of the proposed options for reconstruction after the upgrade, includes connecting the Badger Mill Creek Path and the Military Ridge Trail. If this is a path you use, please make an effort to attend this meeting and ask that the Military Ridge Trail be kept open during construction and voice support for connecting the trails. MMSD is seeking public input Wednesday, Aug 24th at 5:30 held via Zoom; register here.

Thursday – Hawthorne Truax Neighborhood Plan Dialogue and Night Out

August 25, 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. at Hawthorne Elementary School. The City of Madison invites community members to review initial concepts and recommendations for the Hawthorne-Truax Neighborhood Plan covering future land use, new street connections, pedestrian and bike improvements, parks and open space enhancements, partnerships for community programs and services, and more. This is a perfect opportunity to advocate for long term bike facility investments at a relaxed family friendly setting.

Bike Theft on the Rise

Many community members on the Madison Bikes Facebook group have recently posted reports of attempted or successful bike thefts. In particular, e-Bikes are frequently targeted due to their high resell value. The likelihood of theft can be minimized with a few reasonable steps like investing in a good bike lock, registering your serial number on BikeIndex and storing your bike in a secure area (when possible). In addition, e-bike owners can remove their battery to make their bike less attractive to theft.

TC and MPO meetings cancelled

Both the Madison Transportation Commission and Greater Madison Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) meetings on August 24 are cancelled.

Tyranena Oktoberfest Ride Cancelled

Unfortunately, the annual Oktoberfest Ride hosted by Tyranena Brewery in Lake Mills was cancelled this year and probably indefinitely. A number of factors lead to increasing costs and dropping participation, made this event non-longer viable.

Weekly Update

Peak summer means great biking… and construction

What we’re talking about this week

McFarland BCycle station

The new BCycle station in McFarland’s McDonald Park has gone live. This is right at the other end of the Lower Yahara River Bridge from Lake Farms Park, so it will provide an important connector for those who want to commute into Madison or just borrow a BCycle to enjoy a ride on the bridge and around the parks on either end. 

Stewart Tunnel
Letter from Department of Natural Resources (Image: Friends of the Badger State Trail)

Some great news came out about the currently-closed Stewart Tunnel on the Badger State Trail. The DNR has chosen an alternative for fixing the tunnel based on considerable public input and analysis of cost alternatives. While we don’t have a date for when you can avoid the hilly detour caused by the closure of the tunnel, funding will be requested in the next DNR budget. 

City wayfinding survey

And a reminder to take the city survey about which style of wayfind sign you prefer on the multiuse paths. On our Facebook Community, many people have questioned why these signs are needed or if the information will be useful. Don’t pedestrians and bicyclists already know how far things are and how long it takes?

Not necessarily. 

We get a lot of out of town visitors, new residents, and people just trying out the paths for the first time. Cues as to where you are don’t always exist on the paths, especially parts of the SW Path, Cap City, or Cannonball Trail that have fewer cross streets or are in less developed areas. If you didn’t know how close Monroe St was — with all the amenities it offers — you’d never guess riding on the SW Path. And studies have shown that giving people a time reference to nearby destinations encourages walking and biking. They may see the sign and think, “Oh, it’s only ten minutes to walk there? It would take me that long to find a parking space!”

The week ahead


The Transportation Planning and Policy Board meets at 5:00 pm online. They will be discussing the Complete and Green Streets plan for the city. This plan will eventually create a modal hierarchy that will change the transportation planning assumptions for the city to prioritize walking, then transit, then bicycling, and finally driving. Parking is even below driving in use of the public right of way. Needless to say this is very different from the conventional way transportation decision making has been in most U.S. cities. The plan will also create street typologies to recognize that a neighborhood residential street will function differently than a street where offices and big box stores are the dominant land use.

The TPPB will also be discussing the Transportation Demand Management plan for the city, which will require new developments to offset their predicted traffic generation with actions and amenities that incentivize not driving (providing transit passes, bike share stations or memberships, improved connections for walking, paying for parking separately from rent, etc.)

The TPPB will not be making a final decision on these, but the discussions should be interesting.

Construction updates

The intersection of North Shore Drive and John Nolen Drive will be closed later this month so that the railroad tracks can be replaced. Bicycle access through the area will be maintained either by the path (with possible delays or brief closures) or via a lane on the road. The work doesn’t start until Aug 26, but it might be a good plan to start thinking of alternative routes. 

Also, towards the end of this month a more significant closure will happen. As part of the ongoing University Ave reconstruction, the Campus Dr Path will be entirely closed for about a month from Marshall Ct to Highland. This includes the crossing of University Bay Dr as well as the portion of the path that runs next to the VA Hospital parking lot. There will be no way to get through on the path, so plan your detour now. There will be a marked detour starting at Shorewood Blvd (if you are headed east), but depending on your destination, you may want to choose a different route. 

We’ll keep you updated when the closure will actually happen.

In order to keep up with construction, subscribe to the city’s Bike Madison updates.

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Weekly Update

Queer bike ride; S Pinckney at TC; a second biking death; driving subsidies

South Pinckney bike lane

Plan drawing of proposed S Pickney St bike lanes

Wednesday’s Transportation Commission has one bike-related item on the agenda: A new cross-section for South Pickney Street between the two blocks of the Judge Doyle Square development. The design puts two five-foot wide bike lanes each in the center of the roadway, with bike boxes at Wilson and Doty Street. No additional materials are available yet, but I suspect putting the bike facilities in the middle is an attempt to reduce conflicts with cars dropping off and picking up guest at the hotel that will be at this location. The City is seeking feedback from the commission and the public. If you want to submit public comment, you can email or sign up to speak on Zoom here

First monthly queer bike ride

It was supposed to happen during Madison Bike Week, but this Wednesday it is finally time for the inaugural queer bike ride. Every second Wednesday of the month the “party-paced” ride will depart in Law Park at 6pm. This month’s route follow the Cap City Trail and make a stop at the Great Dane in Fitchburg. Follow @madisonqueerbikeride on Instagram for the latest updates and details. All bodies are welcome.

Another person biking killed

After Taylor Dunn’s death in June, another person was killed while they were biking. The crash took place last Monday in the afternoon on Pflaum Road and involved someone driving a box truck.

Pflaum Road has bike lanes, but they lack physical separation from motor vehicles.

We are in contact with the family of the victim to organize a memorial and ghost bike dedication. Stay tuned.

Every person killed or injured while biking is one too many, and we must continue to do whatever we can do to reach Vision Zero: No more death or injury on our streets.

How the City subsidizes driving

Bike activists have long pointed out the many ways in which driving is subsidized, at the federal, state, and local level. Don’t believe us? Well, the listen to Tom Lynch, the City’s Director of Transportation. At last week’s meeting of the Transportation Policy and Planning Board he presented a stark local example of these subsidies: The new Wilson Street garage in downtown. One parking stall in the garage costs the city about $450 in debt service and operations. The revenue from parking fees, on the other hand, is merely $212. This leaves a gap of $240 per month per stall that goes to people who drive their cars downtown!

Screenshot of a slide with a bar chart comparing the cost and revenue per parking stall in the Wilson Street Garage. Costs are about $450; revenue about $212, leaving a $240 gap.
Screenshot from TPPB meeting
Weekly Update

Leopold Pump Track Dedication Party, Pedestrian and Bicyclist Funding, Bike The Barns

Local youth utilizing one of Madison’s low-stress routes. Source: Cyclists of Madison Twitter

Last Week

Funding for N Mendota Trail: Dane County announced it will award Middleton $1 million for construction of the next segment of the North Mendota Trail, from the Highland Way / Century Ave signal to just past city limits near Century Drive. This trail is a multi-year project to help regional bike routes like HWY M safer for bike riders and pedestrians.

This Week

New Legislative Advocacy Tool: People For Bikes released this year’s Bicycle Friendly States rankings, and they weren’t pretty. Wisconsin fell to #29 in overall bicycle friendliness, and down to #49 in spending per-capita on bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. This week, the WI Bike Fed released this tool to help concerned citizens tell relevant state legislators to invest in bicyclist and pedestrian safety. Wisconsin can do better, and we will.

Bike the Barns: FairShare CSA Coalition’s Bike the Barns ride is open for registration, event link here. The event is FairShare’s largest fundraiser, and helps fund the Partner Share Program that supports low-income families in accessing locally grown produce. The event needs volunteers, if you are interested sign up here.

Monday: Transportation Policy and Planning Board is meeting virtually at 5pm, agenda here. Tuning in to TPPB meetings is a great way to learn more about how bike and pedestrian infrastructure is planned in Madison. One interesting agenda item this week is approval of Madison’s application to the Reconnecting Communities Pilot Discretionary Grant Program, designed to repair some of the harm caused by mid-20th century highway expansion and associated destruction of low-income urban communities.

Tuesday: The Aldo Leopold Park Pump Track is being dedicated with a big community party, from 1-7pm! See here for details, including the inspiring story of how local kids inspired a host of private and public investments that made this project possible.

Wednesday: At 6:o0pm, Greater Madison Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is meeting virtually. Link to agenda and participation details here. Following the MPO is a great way to stay up-to-date on pedestrian and bicycling infrastructure affecting Dane County.

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Weekly Update

Wheel & Sprocket New Location, TC

Capital City Trail near Monona Terrace with sign emphasizing that the path is for everybody. Last Week the Transportation Policy and Planning Board discussed shared use path conflicts, including suggestions for conflict mitigation including more signage, more space, and speed limits.

Last Week

On Monday, Madison’s Transportation Policy and Planning Board (link to the Meeting Minutes, link to Agenda Item) had an extensive discussion on path etiquette and the potential of a speed limit policy for bike paths. The discussion largely revolved around the idea of shared space, the need for more space, and the need for educational signage that does not lay all of the burden of responsible use on people on bikes. Click here for a recording of the full TPPB meeting, the discussion on path etiquette starts fairly early at the 12 minute mark, and lasts for about 64 minutes.

Trees are down! The storms that swept through the region on Saturday and early Sunday morning left several sets of trees down on the Military Ridge Trail according to reports on the Madison Bikes Community Facebook Group. There were no Facebook reports, it is probably safe to assume some instances of downed trees on the other regional state trails. The DNR will be working to clear those in the near future, so please be patient if you see crews working on clearing the trails.

Final path alignment crossing Russel St is in, but work continues on the shoulder and on Russel St.

Finally, several near east side projects are winding down, including the path crossing at Russell St. The path crossings of Jackson St and Ohio Ave reopened earlier this summer, with the nearby streets nearing completion. Shoulder grading at Russel St and final paving of Jackson St and Ohio Ave crossing the Capital City Path has yet to be completed, so continue to be aware of construction traffic.

This Week

On Monday, Bike Fitchburg is having it’s monthly meeting. Bike Fitchburg’s regular monthly board meetings are generally held on the fourth Monday of each month (except December) from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. The meeting will be held in the conference room at the Fitchburg Public Library. Everyone with an interest in improving bicycling in Fitchburg, Wisconsin is welcome at all board meetings! Click here for more information.

This Wednesday is the Grand Opening of a new Wheel & Sprocket location in Fitchburg. The new location will be at 2970 Cahill Main #101, a stone’s throw away from where the Capital City State Trail crosses Fitch Hatchery Rd. To celebrate, W&S will be hosting a “chain cutting” ceremony with local officials starting at 3:30 PM. Everyone is welcome to attend, and there will be free food, drinks, and door prizes. Click here for more information.

Finally, on Wednesday, Madison’s Transportation Commission will be meeting virtually starting at 5 PM. Click here for the full Agenda. Discussion items will include applying for funding for the Transportation Alternatives Program, and application for funding for the city’s Vision Zero program.

As always, you can find an overview of all bike events on our Community Bike Calendar. Email us at to add your events. And if you value our newsletter and other work, consider donating to Madison Bikes. For construction updates, check out the city’s Bike Madison page.

Bike News E-Mail Weekly Update

Bike Path Speed Limits, Community Meeting

How many shared path users can you find? (Cyclists of Madison)

It’s a very quiet week for bike news in Madison, but not for traffic out on our bikeways. Seems like everyone’s out biking somewhere — maybe for fun, maybe to get to work, maybe for exercise. Whatever your reason, enjoy!

This Week

On Monday at 5pm, the Transportation Policy and Planning Board (TPPB) meets virtually. You can read the full agenda here but probably the most interesting item to note is the discussion titled “Speed Policy on Shared Use Paths”. It’s a 27-slide deck that, if you are a user of any shared use paths, you absolutely must read. Then, after being reminded what an absolute mess we are in together, go out and ride our paths bringing your patience, awareness, and kindness.

On Monday evening at 7pm, join Madison Bikes and returning special guest (and friend of the show) Dr. Dirk von Schneidemesser for an informal social hour at the Memorial Union Terrace. Important note: This replaces next week’s scheduled Community Meeting!

This month, Dr. Dirk von Schneidemesser is in Madison again and will be joining us for an informal social hour. As a board member for the German nonprofit Changing Cities, Dr. Schneidemesser helped organize a grassroots ballot initiative that was instrumental in the 2018 creation of Berlin’s “bicycle law.” This law, the first of its kind in Germany, legally required Berlin to build certain types of infrastructure to improve bike and pedestrian safety. Similar laws have since been passed by local governments all over the world, and can be useful in shielding transportation safety initiatives from the whims of local politics.

As always, you can find an overview of all bike events on our Community Bike Calendar. Email us at to add your events. And if you value our newsletter and other work, consider donating to Madison Bikes. For construction updates, check out the city’s Bike Madison page.

Weekly Update

TC, Traffic Safety Report, Jumping Clinic

Cyclists of Madison Twitter Feed

This Week

Wednesday July, 13th

The Transportation commission will be meeting at 5:00pm to discuss a variety of items including the proposed redevelopment on Olin Ave and the MPD quarterly Traffic Safety report. You can view the full TC meeting agenda here and live stream the meeting on the City of Madison YouTube channel.

Quarterly Traffic Safety Report

The Madison Police Department will be presenting the most recent Quarterly Traffic Safety Report and General Traffic Safety Update at the Transportation Commission. This report contains information about specific traffic fatalities occurring in the mot recent quarter (Q1 2022) and trends over time.

Regrettably, East Washington Ave continues to be one of the most hazardous roads in Madison. The following charts from MPD show the number of serious & fatal crashes on East Wash are increasing compared to other parts of the city and are becoming more lethal!

The crash increase has occurred despite MPD allocating nearly 1/3rd of their traffic enforcement resources to East Wash. This underscores the necessity of comprehensive initiatives like Vision Zero to safely accommodate all transportation users, because traffic enforcement alone is inadequate.

Introduction to Jumping Clinic

On Wednesday, Capital Off Road Pathfinders, Inc. is hosting a Learn to Jump Clinic with local legends Mike McGarry & Matt Yerke. Intro to getting both wheels off the ground on purpose. We’ll focus on learning the basics of a solid bunny hop and progress to tabletops and a small gap jump. 100% of your workshop fee will go towards the CORP trail fund which is currently MATCHED by the Friends of Blue Mound in support of the trail work to start this fall.

Saturday July 16th

Boys & Girls Clubs of Dane County is excited to host our 20th annual MOVE4BGC. This event will be a fun, in-person experience with a virtual option. You can participate in a team or as an individual to bike, run, walk, or for the first time ever, yoga!

As always, you can find an overview of all bike events on our Community Bike Calendar. Email us at to add your events. And if you value our newsletter and other work, consider donating to Madison Bikes. For construction updates, check out the city’s Bike Madison page.

Weekly Update

Everybody’s out riding

Black Saddle Bike Shop bike camping trip to Blue Mounds rolls out from Madison
Photo credit: Chris Collins, Isthmus Portrait

That must be why the calendar is so empty: everyone is out enjoying summer.

The past week, in case you missed it

There were a few interesting news stories that the Madison Bikes community might find interesting. 

Saris is being sold by its owners. This is a big deal for the Madison cycling community because Chris Fortune, who owns the company with his wife, has been a big supporter of improving the bicycling environment. Chris has donated to many groups, pushed for many improvements in infrastructure and policy, and funded education programs for kids. He’s also been a driving force to build bike parks for kids. 

It’s also great to have manufacturing jobs that can be reached by bike. I hope all the jobs –  design, marketing, sales, and manufacturing – stay at the current location. We’d hate to lose such a great company. 

WORT ran a long piece about the crashes that have happened over the years on Williamson St – not just people hitting other people or vehicles, but crashes into buildings. Willy is an important corridor for bicycling, walking, and retail, but the amount and speed of traffic on the street, especially when parking disappears on one side of the street during peak hour, makes it both difficult to negotiate on foot and bike and also tough to cross.

There have been efforts to make Willy St more pedestrian and bicyclist friendly, usually by doing away with the rush hour parking restrictions that turn the road into three through lanes, but each time local advocates and neighbors have tried to improve the situation, the city has pushed back, saying they need the traffic capacity.

The week ahead

It’s going to be a fairly slow week in city meetings. There aren’t any meetings that we need to pay attention to, but if you want to see what’s going on in other matters, you can always find the full list of city meetings for the week on the city website.

There are a few things that came in from people in our network. 

Info needed on bike crash on Rimrock Rd

A post on the Madison Bikes Community page mentioned that there bike crash on Rimrock Road south of the Alliant Center entrance. The Town of Madison Police are seeking anyone who may have either witnessed what happened or has other information. The post and photo of the contact info are below. The officer handling this is Todd C Dart.

Today (7/2), around 8-8:15, a team member of ours was in a bike/car accident along Rimrock Road on the “stick” (by the coliseum, before you cross over the beltline). Thankfully, other than some broken bones, she’s going to be ok
but she may still need to call on professionals at Leppard Law.

We think some folks may have seen it happen, and some cyclists may have stopped but left before giving a statement to a responding officer (he said he saw some take off as he pulled up).

It would be helpful to report anything you saw to help verify the events. This is the card the officer gave me.

Contact Officer Todd C Dart if you have information

Bridge out on the Badger Trail north of Monroe

Also in the news, a truck hit the Round Grove Rd bridge on the Badger State Trail north of Monroe, so that bridge is closed. It’s probably going to be awhile before it gets fixed, and the detour around the bridge is rather hilly. So be forewarned. 

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Weekly Update

Indian Hills detour over; BCycle issues; hit-and-run; Bay Creek meeting

Path detour on University Ave Path finally over

A construction project by the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage is finally coming to a close. The closure of the University Ave path segment through Indian Hills Park led to an inconvenient detour, but now the new path has been paved:

Photo: MMSD

Some construction is still ongoing, and so use caution in the area.

BCycle issues

A person riding a BCycle through Crazylegs Plaza
Photo: Cyclists of Madison

Madison BCycle continues to be hugely popular, with more people than ever riding the shared e-assist bikes. The Cap Times reports that this popularity may have come with downsides: An increase in technical malfunctions to the bikes and docks.

BCycle recently confirmed that the electric assist on some bikes can fail when customers attempt to engage it on their ride. Though the feature makes cycling less labor-intensive for most users, the company claims electric assist malfunctions “(do) not compromise the safety of riding e-bikes.”

General manager Helen Bradley said the company plans to address the issue within two to three weeks.

If you encounter an issue with a bike or dock, you can call or text BCycle at (800) 473-4743 or email them at

Hit-and-run in Waunakee

A driver struck and injured someone riding a bike in Waunakee on Highway 113 on June 17 and then drove away. Waunakee police are looking for help locating the car, a red BMW. NBC15 reports:

The agency sent out an alert through the Wisconsin Department of Justice regarding the alleged hit-and-run that took place around 9:40 p.m. on June 17 on the 5700 block of State Highway 113.

The vehicle believed to be involved is a maroon or red BMW 5 Series sedan, model 2012 or newer, according to the police department.

The agency said the sedan was going northbound on State Highway 113 when it struck a bicyclist who was also going northbound, causing the BMW’s passenger-side mirror to break off.

Authorities say the suspect vehicle then swerved into the southbound lane of traffic and collided with a vehicle driving southbound, causing the driver’s side-view mirror of the BMW to break off. The suspect vehicle stopped for a moment and then continued driving northbound, Waunakee PD stated.

The bicyclist received a minor injury from the crash, police noted.

Anyone with information on this incident should call Waunakee PD at (608) 849-4523.

NBC 15

Public input meeting for Bay Creek bike improvements (June 28)

Traffic diverter on Mifflin St (Photo: Google StreetView)

The city is proposing several improvements to the bike network in the Bay Creek area. There will be a public input meeting on Tuesday, June 28.

The improvements include a better connection from the bike boulevard on West/South Shore to the Wingra Creek Path, as well as improvements to the boulevard itself: Possibly diverters that would stop drivers from using the street as a through route, curb bump-outs, and turn restrictions.

The meeting will start at 6pm and is virtual. You can sign up here: June 28, 2022 Public Information Meeting Registration 

Madison Women’s Cycling Club

Madison has lots of group rides. One of them is the Madison Women’s Cycling Club’s ride, which take place every Tuesday at 6pm.

Madison Women’s Cycling Club rides are back for the season! We leave from Olbrich Park (the Biergarten parking lot) at 6pm most Tuesdays (the exception being our rotating monthly Taco Tuesday). Details at our facebook page: We’re also on Instagram @madisonwomenscyclingclub

We’re an all-ages, all-abilities, all-bodies-on-bikes group that welcomes women/femme/trans/non-binary. We’re also the longest-running active women+ group in the area! 

We’re always happy to feature regular or irregular group rides in our email updates! Just let us know about them.

As always, you can find an overview of all bike events on our Community Bike Calendar. Email us at to add your events. And if you value our newsletter and other work, consider donating to Madison Bikes. For construction updates, check out the city’s Bike Madison page.

Weekly Update

Hot Weather, Bike Rides, TC Safety Updates

A Madison resident enjoying a summer B-Cycle ride. Photo: Cyclists of Madison

Last Week

Vilas Park Drive: If you missed the event last week, Vilas Park Drive is officially closed to motor vehicle traffic between the bridge at Edgewood Ave and the entrance to the Vilas Park Shelter lot. This change is designed to better support the safety of pedestrians and bike riders using the park.

This Week

Monday: Madison’s casual, fun, and inclusive Monday 40 group rides are up and running again. This week’s ride is around 20 miles, leaving from Orton Park at 6:00pm. See details here.

Tuesday: Slow Roll Cycles will host their free casual weekly group ride, leaving from their shop (4118 Monona Dr, Madison, WI 53716) at 6:20pm, details here.

Wednesday: Transportation Commission meets at 5pm, see here for agenda and participation details. Agenda items include a review of the quarterly traffic safety report, which shows a modest reduction in reported severe injuries and fatal crashes compared to Q1 last year.

Saturday: Black Saddle Bike Shop is once again hosting a free night of bike camping for Swift Campout weekend! Ride out from Black Saddle Bike Shop (601 N Sherman Ave) at 11:00am, following a 31 mile route that mostly follows the Southwest and Military Ridge paths to arrive at the beautiful Brigham County Park group camp site near Blue Mounds. If you can’t make the group ride, you can also get to the campsite using whatever route you prefer! For more info on camping bags and the ride, contact Black Saddle. Full event details here.

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